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How to Contribute & Posts Stuff

If you ever wanted to contribute or post some stuffs, there’s 2 way to do it. But first you needed to be registered so you can become contributor. If you wanted to donate or share VN, you can go Here.

1st Way:

  • You can create a post and just put the link to your shared game, we will create the posts for it. If you wanted it to be on private, just put it on your page that you wanted it to be on private.

  • You can also just post like this and put the information needed and remove the unnecessary button, and we will create the whole posts.:

    File Size: XXXXXXX GB

  • In short, your shared link is the important one.

  • You will become contributor but not an author.

  • Notes: Link must be yours and not taken from other. To prevent it, you need to add This Url Files that open the site. Password is optional.

2nd Way:

  • Follow the Template, and posts the necessary information. Until the post generator was completed, you need to enter the info manually (Not sure when will i do it).

  • If you correctly make multiple posts by yourself without us editing, you will become an Author which you can make post directly without us needing it to be approved.